Monitor the Amazon EKS performance

Monitor Kubernetes running in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to analyze the health, performance, and security of individual components like nodes, clusters, or namespaces.

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Obtain full-stack visibility

Achieving full-stack visibility of your Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is easy. All you need to do is install the EKS container insights and get started. The EKS monitoring tools let you monitor the EKS metrics at both the pod-level and the service-level for the cluster, node, and namespace.

Automate node functions

When the node memory usage is considerably low, signaling an underutilized node, you can easily automate the nodes to stop. Plus, a high number of restarts for a container at a pod-level could indicate any latent malfunctions, and by receiving alerts for them, you can take necessary action immediately.

Visualize cluster performance

Quickly analyze the specific sets of containers by using tags to filter and sort according to the node, pod, namespace, service, or resource usage. By leveraging the ML-powered EKS monitoring dashboard, you can easily view which pods are using higher CPU levels than others.

Monitor EKS security

Analyze the node usage at each pod level for irregular spikes that could indicate any unauthorized activity in the cluster. Built-in EKS monitoring best practices enable you to track any abrupt changes in the node memory, network, or CPU metrics, which could suggest a security event.

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