Help Virtualization Metrics Monitor Virtual Infrastructure and Containers

Monitor Virtual Infrastructure and Containers

Site24x7 gives you thorough understanding about the functioning of your virtual infrastructure and containers.

Virtualization Monitoring

Since VMware resources reside behind a firewall, one would require an On-Premise Poller to be installed in that intranet network to monitor them. On-Premise Pollers act as locations from where the VMware resources are monitored.

Firstly, you can add VMware vCenter monitors and from which you can discover and automatically add the associated ESX/ESXi hosts and cluster resource pools for monitoring. From the added ESX/ESXi hosts, you can add child resources like VMware VMs, resource pools, datastores, and their associated snapshots.

Similarly, you can monitor your Nutanix clusters and the associated hypervisors and VMs to obtain performance insights on your Nutanix environment. Thus, you can discover and monitor your entire virtual infrastructure, and track its performance at varied time intervals.

Virtualization Monitoring Architecture

Virtualization Monitoring Architecture

Monitoring mechanism

ResourceMonitor using
VMware and Nutanix On-Premise Poller
Docker and Hyper-V Site24x7 Server Monitoring Agent

You can assess the capacity of the entire infrastructure, isolate unhealthy hypervisors, take corrective actions, allocate resources to each VM based on the availability, and optimize resource usage accordingly, all using the data generated in the form of intuitive graphs and reports.

Now get started by adding a VMware vCenter monitor.

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Help Virtualization Metrics Monitor Virtual Infrastructure and Containers